** Disposable Cups/Food at aid stations **

                -Because of potential health concerns, we will be using disposable cups at the aid stations and start/finish line for this race. We hope this is a single instance, and all future races will be held as cupless events. Please take whatever precautions you feel are necessary for yourself, in terms of water and food, if you feel uncomfortable with the aid station style set up.


                Cane Creek Park

                5213 Harkey Road, Waxhaw, NC 28173

                -Volunteers will be helping you park so please be kind, patient, and listen as we help you get to your parking spot.

                -Parking will be in the amphitheater green, just to the side of the park entrance. DO NOT try to enter at the main park entry. The amphitheater entrance is only about 20 yards away from the park entrance, so don’t worry, it’ll be hard to miss. We will have signs up directing you toward the gravel drive to enter. Follow the volunteer’s instructions for parking on the grassy area up near the road, then make your way to the Start/Finish line area.

Porta Potties:

                -There will be 4 porta potties near the start/finish line, as well as a park restroom a short walk away near the park’s main office.

Emergency Staff:

                -The Jackson VFD will be on site in the case of an emergency, but let’ try and let them have an easy day in the park with no stress.

Check In and Last Minute Packet Pickup:

                –CHECK IN IS MANDATORY! Make sure you check in before the race! We need to know you started, or we won’t be coming looking for you if you don’t finish because we won’t know you’re out there.

-We will have a table set up behind the Start/Finish line for last minute packet pickups. We highly suggest picking up your packet before hand to avoid a cluster and delays on race day morning. If you don’t make Thursday or Friday’s packet pickup, and then you show up late on race day, you’re going to have a hard time getting into the groove that morning. So, please come see us at one of the following:

Thursday Packet Pickup:

Omega Sports

4201 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209

From 3-7pm

Friday Packet Pickup:

Charlotte Running Company Promenade

5355 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28277

From 3-7pm


                -Unfortunately, we were not able to secure a photographer for the race, but if we can get enough volunteers, we will have them taking pictures throughout the day. Please feel free to take as many pictures as you’d like and share them with us at #canecreekrace and we will post them and create a page for everyone to check them out at.

Start Line:

                -The start line will be right in front of the amphitheater, the blue arch will be hard to miss. There will be cords and sensitive equipment in this area, so please be careful and don’t break anything. We don’t have backups to replace them.


                -This race will be timed manually. We will have a clock at the Start/Finish line and will be recording your times by hand. After the race we will upload all of your times to UltraSignup.com and will send out an email to notify you. If you see any discrepancy in our time and the one you have recorded on your watch or phone, please feel free to reach out and we can make an adjustment.


                -4 Mile Course will be marked with neon orange ribbon.

                -13.1 Mile Course will be marked with neon yellow ribbon

                -There will be a small section marked by pink flags that runs behind the Start/Finish line. When you reach this section, 4 milers will still be .25 away from finish and 13.1 runners will be just over 3 miles from finishing. A bridge was washed out a few weeks ago that led to an adjustment in the course, but follow the flags for .10 mile and you will be back on the trail.

                –Blue and white ribbon signals DO NOT CROSS. If you cross this ribbon, I cannot guarantee how long or far you will run because you will be off the course!

            While you should always pay attention for your marker ribbons, we will also have multiple signs on the course to help you make the proper turn and not get lost. If you ignore these signs however, I cannot guarantee how far, or for how long, you will run.

Aid Stations for Half Marathon:

                -Aid Stations will have water and soda, as well as PB&J’s, pretzels, and bananas.

                -There will be no aid station for the 4 mile run, just the Start/Finish line.

Dropping Out:

                –Any runner dropping must notify the Race Director or volunteers! We need to know you’re ok and off the course or we will be searching for you.

                -4 Mile runners will not have an aid station to drop out at, so you must make your way back to the start of the course. In case of emergency we will have the Jackson VFD on hand, but you will be responsible for gauging your ability to finish this course.

                -13.1 Mile runners will pass by aid station #1 twice, just before miles 5 and 7. If you wish to drop out at this aid station you can stay there until it is shutdown and catch a ride back, or if you have friends or family at the event, you can contact them and we can direct them on how to come and pick you up. You will pass by the Start/Finish (aid station #2) line before mile 10 if you need to drop then. The last aid station will be at 11.75 mile. There is a road just behind the aid station that can serve as a .25 mile cut through to the start/finish line, or easy for a friend or family member to pick you up.

Finish Line:

                -The finish line will be right where you left it when the race began. We will be waiting eagerly for you with high fives, hugs, medals, and smiles! This is where we get to celebrate your victory for the day, and you get one last look at the beautiful lake while cheering on the other runners as they finish. We cannot and will not try to make any runners stay after they are done, but it is always great to have more people cheering you on at the finish line after a long run, so please consider hanging out to cheer on other runners.


We are here to answer questions, so please ask them now if you have any. We will do our best to help out with any questions the morning of, but there will be a lot going on and I will be running around trying to make sure everything is set to start on time. So, if there is anything you want to ask, large or small, about the race, I’ll be happy to try and answer.