Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us on the trails for our inaugural run! The finish times for each race are listed below. They are listed in order of Bib #, not by who finished first. If you have any questions about your finishing time, reach out and let us know.

13.1 Mile Run
2Gray Riley1:44:11:00
4Bryce Wood2:55:05:00
9David Marrero3:27:54:00
10Alison House2:40:12:00
11Tom Patania2:43:47:00
12Regina Betz-Teliszewski3:05:40:00
13Louri Courick2:57:36:00
15Christopher Bernick2:57:37:00
16Brad Joyce2:57:37:00
17Jennette Thompson3:17:43:00
18Tyler Peek2:10:04:00
19Lance Fuisting2:43:30:00
20Kate Weher3:09:49:00
21Richard Smith2:24:07:00
22Marie De Carriere3:09:49:00
24Jennifer Wolf3:07:12:00
25John Christenbury2:56:25:00
26Bill Shires1:42:23:00
27Lance Watson2:10:45:00
28Ingrid Johnson2:57:35:00
29Carilyn Booker2:28:57:00
30Charlotte Longfield3:16:36:00
33Tyler Rauch2:09:40:00
34Susan Snyder2:24:39:00
35Jensen Palencia2:47:30:00
36Erica Ellis2:27:35:00
37Christopher Diaz2:09:10:00
38Scott Platt2:52:40:00
39Jane Revollo2:12:27:00
40William Ravaioli2:33:21:00
41Frank Irizarry3:27:56:00
42Jess Glass2:56:05:00
43Christina Beauchamp2:33:32:00
44Danielle Orrey2:47:30:00
46Thomas Flanigan2:15:49:00
47Paul Halaburda1:47:56:00
48Tim Odonnell2:41:35:00
49James Drummond2:41:17:00
100Becka Tait3:55:26:00

4 Mile Run
2Lisa Courtmanche56:30:00
3Tom Crespo53:55:00
4Sam Schubert50:40:00
5Brian Carra53:19:00
6Ann Marie Quadrella1:14:03:00
7Elizabeth Sleeper50:09:00
8Derek Davis36:57:00
9Trevor Davis37:34:00
10Ross Duncklee37:10:00
12Joushua Bowlin37:00:00
14Kaitlin Bowlin58:50:00
15Trey Horack38:16:00
16Kevin Horack41:32:00
18Keli Cable49:58:00
19Christy Kusick1:14:01:00
22Lindsay Bowen46:37:00
23Conor Quadarella54:18:00
24Kevin Crigler57:32:00
26Caroline Dill42:26:00
27Mitch Griffith50:32:00
29Jeffery Cote34:09:00
30Latha Baddigam1:14:05:00
31Sumit Gupta54:18:00
32Milin Gupta54:00:00
33Jenny Richardson47:24:00
35Joshua Owens42:14:00
37Gary Weis46:06:00
38Kimberly Walton48:16:00
39Jeremy Walton31:15:00
40Julie Eichler47:34:00
42Crystal Heis 37:00:00
43Justin Walker41:44:00
44Aneel Gupta53:56:00
45Anais Costello36:03:00
46William Melson45:52:00
47Joe Drolet31:26:00
48Cynthia Ferretti43:20:00
49Annette Landry51:22:00
50George Landry50:25:00
51Allison McLaughlin36:58:00
52Emily Hoar35:35:00
53Jeremy Grimm45:29:00
54Geo M. Neto41:25:00
56Kathy Jackson58:05:00
57Lee Bartlett53:31:00
58Theresa Kelly37:45:00
59Caleb Brown35:03:00
60Lindsey Swanson47:24:00
61Brad Hilse42:58:00
62Harrison Becker45:44:00
63David Arno33:23:00
64Jason Harris36:05:00
67Zaxch Hawke32:17:00
68Debbie Sparks58:45:00
69Tommie Teigue37:48:00
72Chris Vojick35:27:00
45-HCarolyn Bellof56:07:00

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